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Pfc. Steven Antolik: “I love my country and believe in everything she stands for…”

Posted by armypao75 on July 7, 2009

Pfc. Steven Antolik of Potomac Falls, Va., will be competing against 27 other Soldiers for the honor of being the Army Reserve's Best Warrior.

Pfc. Steven Antolik of Potomac Falls, Va., will be competing against 27 other Soldiers for the honor of being the Army Reserve's Best Warrior.

A Potomac Falls, Va., Soldier will be competing in the Army Reserve’s prestigious “Best Warrior Competition” at Fort McCoy, Wis., 13-17 July.  Pfc. Steven Antolik– a Military Police Soldier with the Military Intelligence Readiness Command (MIRC) located at Fort Belvoir, Va. – is one of only 28 Soldiers in the 206,000-strong Army Reserve to compete for this honor.

Antolik, a 2004 graduate of Potomac Falls High School, works for Verizon Communications in Herndon, Va., in his civilian career.  He is also working on a degree in criminal justice at Northern Virginia Community College as a first step in a federal law enforcement career.

Antolik has a family tradition of military service; both his grandfathers fought in World War II –one was awarded a Combat Infantryman Badge and Purple Heart. 

“I answered the call to duty because it was something I had to do,” said Antolik.  “I love my country and believe in everything she stands for, and I’m willing to fight.”

Antonik chose to compete in the Best Warrior Competition to gain experience with the Army.  “The Army Reserve has helped me focus my drive and determination,” he said.  Antonik also represented his command in the Presidential Inaugural Parade in January.


July 13 UPDATE on Pfc. Antolik: “I’m up against some great Soldiers, but I have what it takes to win.”

On the first morning of the Best Warrior Competition, Soldiers gathered in an auditorium at Fort McCoy to wait for one-on-one boards with top Army Reserve enlisted Soldiers.

In the middle of the auditorium, Pfc. Steven Antolik, from Potomac Falls, Va., practiced his precision facing movements.

The military policeman assigned to the Military Intelligence Readiness Command said he hopes the enormous amounts of preparation pays dividends in the end.

“I always want to win.” Antolik said. “I hate to lose no matter what I am doing, and this is no different. I know I’m up against some great Soldiers and it’s going to be a tough competition, but I think I have what it takes to win.”

The 23-year-old Soldier said his 18-month anniversary for joining the Army Reserve would be the week of the competition.  “I needed something more in my life,” he said about the reasons for joining the Reserve. “I couldn’t think of anything better to do that would give me what I was looking for in my life.”

After a few more sharp movements, Antolik’s sponsor motioned him back to his chair to finalize last-minute study efforts before his name was called —and he slowly stood up and walked away for the unknown pressures of a Soldier board.

Keep checking back for daily updates on the Army Reserve’s Best Warriors!


29 Responses to “Pfc. Steven Antolik: “I love my country and believe in everything she stands for…””

  1. Good luck….keep up the outstanding work! Hooah! 2LT White

    • armypao75 said

      LT , thanks for your encouragement of our fine Best Warriors! Please stop back from time to time and check out the latest as tbe Best Warrior Competition progresses.

  2. David Abernathy, Ph.D. said

    Steve, we wish you the best of luck. This is an outstanding accomplishment to be among these 28 guys. Work hard. Study hard. Do your best. Our thoughts, hopes and prayers will be with you. Be all you can be. David

  3. Dave Walker, Col, USAF, Ret said


    I am am friend of your mom and dad. Great people.

    Sounds to me like you are a real patriot and a soldier’s soldier. We need more guys like you in this country and in our military. We have way to many of the other kind. So many of the people our citizens consider heroes are jerks. You are one of America’s real heroes.

  4. Julieta Slattery said

    You are a GREAT AMERICAN, Steven! It’s a priviledge to know you. Best of luck!

  5. armypao75 said

    I am glad to see people are enjoying the blog! We will be updating regularly throughout the competition. Please check back throughout next week. HOOAH Best Warriors! –CPT Schultz, Army Reserve Communications

  6. Sandy Humphrey said

    As I look back on your life from the time you were born, I can say that I proud of my only “son”. Having known you your whole life, I am confident that you will give this competition your best. I will be thinking of you and am excited to hear about the results.


    Steven, You sure have come a long way from times at Stepp’s. We always knew you were the Best of the Best!! Congratulations on your selection and good luck in the competition. We are proud of what you are doing for our country. Diane and I are cheering for you all the way!! Frank and Diane Machi “Wild Horses”

  8. Dee & Joe Antolik said

    We are so VERY proud of you!

  9. Mary Ellen Heflin said

    Steven – we have always been very proud of you and wish you the best in this competition. I know that you will do well! All our love to you. Grandma & Mike

  10. Shelly Amor said

    I grew up singing “Go Navy, Beat Army.” For you, I will change my tune! Good luck!

  11. Marilyn & Bev Blois said

    You are your mother’s son. Keeping up with a family tradition of the “battles” C&W sponsored. Best of luck!

  12. Marsha & George Merchant said

    Go for it kiddo. We can hardly wait to hear the results of the competition. You make your friends and family proud already. Now America will know what the rest of us do. 🙂

  13. cynthia sturke said

    Hey Steve! Good luck from all of us. Pete doesn’t have internet right now except at work, otherwise he would sending a message too – or maybe he has already. ahhh technology! We are really excited for you and look forward to hearing how you do. Go get
    em! You are amazing!

  14. Kelly Nord said


    Congratulations & Good Luck!


  15. logan said

    Good luck bro we are all pulling for you over here, be safe ill see ya.

  16. The McAlexander family said


    We are so proud of you and know that competition surely runs in your blood. We used to be next door neighbors in Fredericksburg, Va. during the time you came into this world as a whopping baby boy weighing somewhere between 11 to 13 lbs. And now, you’re still heads above the rest. What a privilege to know that you are helping defend our country with a true sense of patriotism. We wish you luck in the Best Warrior competition and all future endeavors. We believe you are a winner already!

    Best Wishes,
    John, Lynn, Michael, and Lauren

  17. Krysti said

    To my little brother…we are lucky to have Americans like you.
    I know you will do fantastic!

  18. Patty Demmon said

    Way to represent the Commonwealth and your country! Congratulations on qualifing for the competition. We are all so very proud of you and will be praying for you this week. May the Lord give you strength and wisdom as you are tested to the extreme! GO ARMY! Hooah!

    The Demmon’s

  19. Blue & Terry Rothenberg said

    Hey Steven: Best of luck this weekend. We know you’ll be the Best Warrior around!!! Thinking of you, Blue & Terry

  20. Lora Nedimyer said

    Steven, it is refreshing to know that America still has some loyal young men. You have made your folks and friends proud. Kick butt

    Lora & Rich

  21. Blue & Terry Rothenberg said

    Hey Steven: I already sent this, but your mom doesn’t think it resigerered. Anyway, we wish you the best of luck this weekend, and know without a doubt you’ll be the greatest warrioer ever. Blue & Terry

  22. Sandy Kitzinger said


    Good luck and see you when you get back.

    WOC Kitzinger

  23. Luis and Carol Orbe said

    It’s good to know that people like you still exist. We are proud to be your next door neighbors. Good luck and may God bless you!

  24. Pete said


    go out there and show em how it’s done! Good luck!

    See you when you get back!


  25. SFC Steven Watson said

    SPC Antolik,

    Good luck with your competition! As I stated before, it is a privilege for ME to work with someone as determined, focused and motivated as you are. YOU are what today’s Armed Forces need! This is only a small step towards what I am sure you will agree are greater goals and accomplishments for you in life. YOUR “esprit de corps” inspires everyone around you – drive on strong and proud American Soldier – I SALUTE YOU!

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    […]Pfc. Steven Antolik: “I love my country and believe in everything she stands for…” « Army Reserve Command "Best Warriors"[…]…

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