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Spc. Shiloh Becher, Engineer and Marathon Runner

Posted by armypao75 on July 7, 2009

Spc. Shiloh Becher recently completed the Fargo Marathon in less than four hours and is one of only 28 Army Reserve Soldiers selected to compete for the title of Best Warrior.

Spc. Shiloh Becher recently completed the Fargo Marathon in less than four hours and is one of only 28 Army Reserve Soldiers selected to compete for the title of Best Warrior.

A Mapleton, N.D., Soldier is competing in the Army Reserve’s prestigious Best Warrior Competition” , and is one of only 28 of 206,000 Army Reserve Soldiers competing for this honor.  Spec. Shiloh L. Becher is an Interior Electrician with the 461st Theater Engineer Company located in Fargo, N.D.        

A 1995 graduate of Minot High School in Minot, N.D., Becher is married with one child and has completed 44 semester hours at Minot State University.

He has been in the Army for three years and has served in numerous assignments with goals of attending the Army Sapper and Airborne Schools.

His hobbies include softball, hunting and running, recently competing in the Fargo Marathon (26.2 miles) with in less then four hours.  Summertime finds Becher playing, managing and umpiring softball.

PHOTO: SPC Becher in the field!

Getting ready for Urban Warfighting


34 Responses to “Spc. Shiloh Becher, Engineer and Marathon Runner”

  1. Levi Annable said

    Good luck Bech, bring it home Soldier of the Year!!

  2. Austin Spain said

    Do your thing Becher! Best of luck to you.

    • Vic Pellerano (SSGT/USAF) - Past Commander VFW Post 762, Fargo,ND said

      Shiloh- All at Park District and Post rooting for ya.
      Best of luck – show them how it’s done.

  3. CSM Emmans said

    SPC Becher, I am on my way. I know you have done your best. I would not miss your great accomplishments at this level of competition. See you soon.

  4. SGT Erickson, Lacey said

    WOO-HOO Becher, keep up the good work! You’re doing so AWESOME!!! You’ve come this far don’t give up now!

  5. SGT Sorum, Timothy said

    Way to go SPC Becher!! Keep up the great work, we are all cheering for you.

  6. SSG Cossette said

    Awesome job man. We all knew you could do it!! Kinneberg said he has trained you well. We’ll look forward to the stories and watching you compete in the next level.

  7. SGT EMERY said

    I knew you could do it! 🙂

  8. SGT Sorum said

    Great job!!! Way to represent the 461st and the Army Reserve!

  9. SGT Chizek, Brian said

    Congratulations Becher! We are all very proud of you!

  10. Dave Leker said


    Congratulations and Good luck this week….. “Show No Weakness”

  11. Vic Pellerano said

    Keep the faith & Remember

    “It is the last step in the race that counts, the last stroke on the nail that counts, the sweetness of success is a matter of enduring where others have given up – so believe in yourself and you will achieve your goal” VTP

    We are all in your corner, Good luck.

  12. Jim Larson said


    What a great representative you are for our military services. We are very proud of you here at the Park District and keep doing your best as you always do.

    I wish you the best in the competition, we are all here to support you.

  13. Kristi Creech said

    Yea!!!!Shiloh!!!! We know you can do it!!!! We are all pulling for you! No matter how this turns out though, you have already accomplished more than most could ever dream of, so be PROUD!!! We are!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Spc. Modica said

    Engineers lead the way. Essayons

  15. Tammy Fogle said

    Congratulations on all you have accomplished Shiloh! You are an amazing person and I know you will give it everything you’ve got for this competition. Good luck!

  16. Staff Sgt. Evans said

    I wish you the best, remember to never quit or give up, fight til the finish and have fun doing it all, but keep your eye on the price.

  17. Staff Sgt. Evans said


  18. Wanda & Craig Roath said

    Kick butt buddy! Remember we’ll all be rooting for you and know you’ll do great. Keep on rockin’.

  19. Stacy Kruger said

    Hey how about those Vikings!!!! If Brett Favre can kick alittle ass at 39, You should have no problem. Go show them what your made of….I am very Proud of my football buddy…..

  20. CSM Emmans said

    SPC Becher,

    The Army Reserves is very fortunate to have you represent this great organization. On behalf of the 208,000+ Warrior Citizens, we wish you all the success during this competition. We are all behind you and some of us you see you tomorrow.

  21. Kenneth W. Powell said

    Best of luck, SP4 Becher. I know you’ll give it your best, and I’m confident your efforts will be rewarded well. As always, kick butt and take names.

  22. SFC Tolliver said

    Good luck SPC,

    Remember, SGM’s put the uniform on the same way you do… They are human too…

    Stay calm and you will do just fine..

  23. Marion Sheppard said


  24. LTC Deborah Nelson said

    As your facility Sr Commander I am so proud of you. Since Butler is Medical I am torn between my neighboring unit and another medical unit to cheer. I don’t care which one of you wins the competition – you are both winners in my mind!

    LTC Nelson
    7247th Medical Support Unit

  25. lili said

    can i see number phone mr shiloh ? i want to mr shiloh becher genuine

  26. lili said

    in facebook more name shiloh becher, i confused i afraid he lie me

  27. lili said

    where is mr shiloh becher live please i want to know

  28. Consuela said

    Are you aware of the fact that your photos are used extensively by scammers to extort money from lonely, gullible women? There is a strong indication that terrorists use this method to collect money to fund their activities. One would hope that the American military has enough IT knowledge to track down and stamp out such abuses. I am sure you are not the only soldier whose photos are abused in this way.

  29. matsushita mako said

    I dont know what is the truth! and i dont know how to explained about to Mr,James Shiloh Becher.i met her by a tagged site.and he have a lot of flowerly words.and a lot of promises to me. He also he talking my mother that he is real not a scamer.and he said to me to send a money for her need for airplane go back in u.s. and to go here to japan to meet me.and i send it a money.and now they said he attack him by the terroris and now he is in the camp hospital in egypt.and her legs he need operation and he needs a money again for her oparation .last day and today i talk to her.and i said i wont to see her face and i wont to talk.untill now we dont see each other anymore.and after i heard to the concern citizen to check in google scamer group .and i see all the picture he send to me.until now he said to me he is come to meet me and he said tha he is true mr.becher shiloh.i want to know the truth about to mr.becher shiloh please tell me the truth !

  30. Elisabeth Bertelsen said

    Hello Shiloh I just want to tell you that your photo is used on Facebook to scame women in Denmark,, the man with you photo is named Bloomberg R. Micheal, I have talked with 2 woman, they have send a lot of money to this person… I hope you perhaps are able to do something about.. I have tried to contact Facebook, but nothing is being made to stop it.

  31. Jana Hunger said

    Sehr geehrter Herr Becher, ich hatte sie auf äußerst ungewöhnliche Art kennengelernt. Nun musste ich herausfinden, wer sie wirklich sind und bin dabei auf Ihre herausragende Leidtung gestoßen. Ich möchte hiermit nachträglich gratulieren und Ihnen und Ihrer Familie alles erdenklich Gute wünschen. In Gedanken Jana

  32. baaie said

    hallo shiloh ben ook genaderd via face book met u profiel foto door de naam thomas weide zat op missie in kabul 2 weken mee gechat en heeft foto’s gestuurd naar mij en op het laatst geen goed gevoel kreeg en toen terecht kwam op de site scame en zo achter u echte naam gekomen en u foto’s gebruikt tenminste dezelfde foto’s van u Facebook en andere sites en doorgezocht en kwam steeds meer tegen maar was eerst ook slacht offer maar kwam er op tijd achter maar wil dat u het weet want wie volgt er meer en dat ze zo in u foto’s en profiel kunnen komen ik vindt dat ze dit moeten stoppen en zulke mensen moeten straffen en wat is nu de waarheid en echte naam het is allemaal mooi om waar te zijn komen zoveel verschillende namen tegen behalve deze naam thomas weide en daarom ga je denken is dit zijn echte naam of niet zodoende kwam ik er achter maar deze naam komt nergens in de scame voor en dacht eerst ook nog misschien zijn schuil naam ja wie zal het zeggen blijft nog steeds denken en een raadsel maar de verhalen wel steeds overkomen met wat ie mij ook heeft gechat en de waarheid een beetje heb terug gechat en daarna geen antwoord meer terug gekregen

  33. baaie said


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