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“Giving it my all,” says only repeat competitor, Staff Sgt. Travis Hill

Posted by armypao75 on July 8, 2009

Staff Sgt. Travis Hill, a Soldier with the 103rd Expeditionary Support Command/377th Theater Support Command, is this year's only repeat competitor.

Only one of the 28 Best Warriors competed in the 2008 competitions:  Staff Sgt. Travis Hill, a senior mechanic with the 922nd Trailer Transfer Point located in Fremont, Neb., (a unit of the 103rd Expeditionary Support Command) will be competing for the 377th Theater Support Command (TSC).  

“I love serving in the Army Reserve,” said Hill.  “I have been blessed and afforded many opportunities.”

Hill deployed to Iraq in 2006-7 with the 308th Transportation Company.  He maintained tactical vehicles that escorted civilian convoys across Iraq.

“I chose to run again as a final hurrah,” Hill said.  “I am giving it my all this year so that there are no regrets or feelings that I could have done better.”


July 13, 2009 UPDATE on Staff Sgt. Hill: “Soldiers taking Care of Soldiers.”

On the first morning of the Best Warrior Competition, Soldiers gathered in an auditorium at Fort McCoy to wait for one-on-one boards with top Army Reserve enlisted Soldiers.

Throughout the morning, small bonds of new friendships were kindled, and “Soldiers taking care of Soldiers” was the virtually unnoticed theme of the day.

From flipping through home-made flash cards, correcting uniform flaws or just relaxing and sharing war stories, the 28 competitors slowly melded into one team with a mission: become the Army Reserve’s Best Warrior.

Staff Sgt. Travis Hill, assigned to 927th Trailer Transfer Point, 103rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command, was the only competitor returning for a second go around as he competed in last years event.

Hill, from Freemont, Neb., gave Soldiers a glimpse of what to expect during the rigorous competition and helped Soldiers prepare for the fast-approaching oral board.

“I wouldn’t have anything in your pocket,” he told Staff Sgt. David Ashley from Knoxville, Tenn., as he noticed a cell phone in his pocket. “You definitely don’t want anything in your pockets. I would never risk it. It’s not worth something so easy to correct.”

Hill offered to watch the cell phone and asked if he needed any help before going before the board.

“Thanks, I really appreciate,” Ashley, a combat engineer military urban operations instructor, said as he handed Hill the phone.

Today wasn’t about how many awards were on the uniform, what unit patch was stitched to their right sleeve, but rather about Soldiers helping each other during stressful moments.


15 Responses to ““Giving it my all,” says only repeat competitor, Staff Sgt. Travis Hill”

  1. CPT Angel Wallace said

    SSG Hill,
    Your Soldiers back here at the 103rd ESC are following you and cheering you on every step of the way. Let us know if we can be of assistance and knock it out – you have done a great job!


  2. 1LT Michael Zinnecker said

    SSG Hill, keep up the good work. You are doing a great job of representing your new BN! Lt. Z

  3. CSM Haugland said

    SSG Hill,
    Keep up the good work…you’re doing great!
    “We Succeed”
    CSM H

  4. CSM Thompson said

    SSG Hill,
    I’m sure you will do all of us in Nebraska proud. Keep up the pace.

  5. CSM Haugland said

    Great job on the night urban orienteering and ruck march.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. CSM John Laborde said

    SSG Hill,
    Congratulations from the 649th RSG! We are so proud of all you have accomplished.

    CSM Laborde

  7. MAJ Charmaine Betty-Singleton said

    SSG Hill,
    Keep up the good work! You’re representing us well.

    MAJ Betty-Singleton

  8. deltalaw92 said

    Hooah such an amazing accomplishment. We are supporting you all the way.

    MAJ Singleton

  9. CW5 Thomas Forness said

    SSG Hill
    It is truly inspirational to hear how you help each other, Team work is what the Army is all about, no matter the outcome we all win together.
    Keep up the great work!!!!

  10. CSM Haugland said

    SSG Hill gave it his best! Now it’s all over but the agony of waiting. SSG Hill did well on the mystery events yesterday afternoon and the combatives last night. He was a strong competitor throughout the competition. He always displayed a positive attitude and was smiling every time I saw him. Last night after he got off the mat from a difficult bout he stopped to joke with I little girl and her dad.
    After the combatives I got him a cheese burger and fries from McCoy’s. We sat outside the barracks and talked about the week. The suspense is killing him.
    He represented the 377th TSC, the largest command in the Army Reserve, and the 103rd ESC exceptionally well. He is certainly one of the “Best of the Best”.
    I’m honored to have had the opportunity to support him in the competition this week.

  11. CPT Brandi Blakes said

    SSG Hill, even with you participating in this event, I see you as a top warrior! You have done your NCO corps, leaders and fellow soldiers proud.

  12. SSG Travis Hill said

    Thanks to everyone for supporting me through out this dificult week! We didn’t make the cut as far as the best of the best goes but I am proud of my performance and am honored to represent all of you.

    God Bless,
    SSG Travis Hill

  13. armypao75 said

    SSG Hill –every one of the competitors was a Best Warrior. We are very proud of EVERYONE who competed. Congratulations!

    CPT Corey Schultz
    Army Reserve Public Affairs

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