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So, they arrived…and are getting nervous

Posted by geraldostlund on July 13, 2009

Staff Sgt. Francisco Gutierrez, 2008 Army Reserve NCO of the Year

Staff Sgt. Francisco Gutierrez, 2008 Army Reserve NCO of the Year

Walking down the hallway of the Reserve Center after a successful APFT, February of last year 1SG Valerie Sonntag stops me and says “ You are going up for the NCO of the Year next month” . The only thing I knew of NCO and Soldier of the Year is that you went up in front of a board of high ranking NCOs and answered military common knowledge questions. Now sitting here as last year’s USARC NCO of the year, I went through much more than sitting in front of a board.

Yesterday (Sunday, July 12, 2009) the first couple of competitors walked into the Warrior Leaders Course building at FT Mc Coy, Wis. for in-processing to the United States Army Reserve Command (USARC) Best Warrior Competition. These Soldiers come from different parts of the country. Many had a nervous look on their faces as they went through each station, filling out paperwork. As they handed out the training schedule many of the competitors were shocked to see that the Board was the first event. During the previous competitions before USARC BWC the oral board is the last event. Soldiers have more time to study after every event leading to the board. Now it’s the first event.

After in-processing they moved on to equipment issue, where they received a fighting load carrier, rucksack, assault pack, and camelback. The rest of the afternoon they sat in their barracks putting their equipment together, introduced one another, and started studying for the board. Later that evening they moved over to the 88th RSC auditorium to receive their welcome and rules of the BWC by Sergeant Major Young, the overall person in charge of the competition.

After the welcome brief I spoke with some of the competitors. SSG Travis Hill, last year’s only returning competitor, greeted me before they exited the auditorium and said that he was ready for the competition this year. Having an idea of what it was like last year, SSG Hill trained on all his weak events all of last year to prepare him for this year’s BWC. I kept in touch with SSG Hill thru out last year and he asked me for some advice on how to improve on some of the events. This year he is excited to have made it this far again and is anxious to start, knowing that he is prepared to take it this year.

During the next couple of days the competitors will go through tough tasks. Tomorrow will include the Army Physical Fitness Test, Urban War Orienteering Course (day and night). The following days are the 6.2 mile road march, weapons qualification (day and night), Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills, Combatives, and the Mystery Event.

Check back throughout the competition. I’ll be bringing it all to you. Curious about an aspect of the competition? Wondering what is going on? Ask me, and I’ll try to answer it.

Staff Sgt. Frank Gutierrez


3 Responses to “So, they arrived…and are getting nervous”

  1. Joe & Dee Antolik said

    Thanks for the information. We’ll be watching for your daily updates. If you think the Soldiers (Warriors) are nervous you ought to be the parent of a warrior. Keep up the good work! We are so very proud of all the competitors and wish them our very best.

  2. CW2 Diego Sanchez said

    Good job on the reporting; will be tracking your daily updates and look forward good stories from BWC 09.

  3. SMAG said

    This is a great idea; a way for those of us that can not physically be there to support our Soldier’s to get daily updates. SSG G, great job; keep the reports coming.

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