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Staff Sgt. Crumbacker prepares for the board…

Posted by armypao75 on July 13, 2009

Staff Sgt. Lucas R. Crumbacker,B. Co., 392nd Signal BN, tobyhanna Army Penn.

Staff Sgt. Lucas R. Crumbacker,B. Co., 392nd Signal BN, tobyhanna Army Penn.

Staff Sgt. Lucas Crumbacker, a satellite communications operations chief with Bravo Company, 392nd Signal Battalion, 335th Theater Signal Command.  An Iraq veteran, Crumbacker is a native of Waynesboro, Penn., and was assigned to support the 56th Presidential Inauguration in January 2009.   Crumbacker also was the Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year for his battalion.

Crumbacker was deployed to Iraq in 2004 –and intends to deploy again.

Crumbacker has a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and International Business from The Pennsylvania State University.

Watch Crumbacker on Day One of Best Warrior Competition.


7 Responses to “Staff Sgt. Crumbacker prepares for the board…”

  1. Isaac and Nicole Bucher said

    Good luck, Lucas! We’re pulling for you.

  2. CSM Sunshine said

    We are all pulling for you! Kick butt!

  3. Celso said

    Congrats SSG Crumbacker! It was an honor to serve with you and am happy to see you prosper as you further your career!

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