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The physical part of the competition begins.

Posted by geraldostlund on July 14, 2009

   Day two, the competitors are woken up at 4 a.m. for the Army Physical Fitness Test, which consists of timed push-ups, sit-ups and a two mile run. Like last year, most of them were already stretching, before the lights were turned on for wake up, eager to get started on today’s physical events.

   They received their instructions from the Warrior Leader Course cadre, and the first event of the APFT, push–ups, started at 5 a.m. Pfc. Peiler knocked out thirty in the first thirty seconds of the two minute timed event. With his arms shaky he pushed out his last ten of his 71 total as time ran out. Almost all of the competitors scored over 270 points out of a maximum allowed score of 300 on the APFT. They had a boxed lunch for breakfast at the Physical Fitness field while they spoke with their sponsors, and went over their results and scores. ( PFC Peiler’s push-up event)

    At 10 a.m. they started their Urban Orienteering event which spanned out to over six miles. I met up with SSG Elizabeth Carroll, after she found her second point, carrying an average of 75 lbs of equipment, and asked how she felt and how her feet were holding up. She said she was having fun. (SSG Carroll on the Urban Orienteering event)

   The first competitor came through the finish line, finding all his points, under 2 hrs. After they finished they sat on the bleachers, at the finish line, and took their boots off as the medics checked their feet for blisters. After going through the same thing last year, my shoulders and feet were aching from carrying all that weight. It was no different this year for these soldiers. Most of them took their boots off and found blood soaking through their socks and huge blisters on their heels. A few of them, like SSG Crumbacker, crossed the finish with mud up to their knees. They took the most direct route to their points going through mud filled creeks. (SSG Crumbacker feeling great after Urban Orienteering)

   The competitors will have very few hours to rest and tape up their feet before they start the Night Urban Orienteering event. And after what they went through this morning, I know by experience, it’s not going to be enough time, and it’s not going to get any easier. (SGT Brunett after 6 miles and 75 lbs of weight off his back)

SSG Francisco Gutierrez

Check out the photos on Flickr, Videos on Vimeo, and Audio on the Army Reserve site.


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