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Urban Orienteering continues

Posted by geraldostlund on July 15, 2009

Urban Orienteering continues… 

   After taking a short break from the morning events, the competitors returned to Ft McCoy’s parade field for the start of Night Urban Orienteering.  Even with their feet swollen and blistered up, some of the soldiers found time to laugh and make jokes to keep their morale up.  (SSG Travis Hill jokes before star of tonight’s event)

  The event started at 9 p.m. and is a little shorter than the Day Urban Orienteering, but harder to navigate since Ft McCoy is not very well lit at night.  Most competitors huddled around the only light available, by the start line, to plot their first point.  One thing on their minds, like it was for me last year, is finishing as fast as possible to try to more rest before the 10 kilometer road march, early tomorrow morning. (SPC Thomas using the only light available to plot his points) 

  With only three points to find, it wasn’t long before the first soldier was spotted, by a chemlight, heading towards the finish line.  The platoon sergeants checked the competitor’s equipment, to insure they had everything they started with, before sending them to rest area. (SPC Shultz gets his weapon inspecte)  (SPC Thomas and SSG Hill use chemlights to mark themselves at night)

  Tomorrow will be another early day as they step off at 6 a.m. for the 10k road march. 


SSG Francisco Gutierrez


Check out the photos on Flickr, Videos on Vimeo, and Audio on the Army Reserve site.


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  1. Diana "ASHLEY" Benante said

    Hi, Dave, I am struggling on this site to find you. I am thrilled you are doing so well. Stay strong, God Bless you, I love you Mom.

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