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Every one for themselves

Posted by geraldostlund on July 16, 2009

Every one for themselves

     The past three days the competitors went through very tough events.  But at the end of each event they pulled together motivating, and pushing each other forward.  Today it’s a whole different story. The competition looks very close, and they know it.  Now it’s every soldier for him or herself coming up to the mystery event and the combatives tournament.

   The mystery event consists of calling support fire on an objective, weapons assembly, vehicle and detainee operations, administering an I.V., and preventive maintenance checks and services on a military vehicle.  These tasks are highly used in combat, and the competitors performed each one step by step and by the numbers. No one is taking it easy on these events. There is no room for mistakes.  To all of them the surprise and stress kicked in when they saw a box full of different weapon parts, and they only had ten minutes to put them back together.  

(Competitors at the mystery event: SSG Ashley, PFC Peiler, SGT McBride/SGT McBride 2, SGT Zimmerman, SPC Eisner, SFC Kime,SPC BeacherSSG Butler/SSG Butler2, PFC Antolik)

   Combatives is a type of mixed martial arts picked up from the US Army a few years ago, only to be used in close quarter combat against the enemy as a last resort.  The competitors will face each other until there are only two left.  One Non-Commissioned Officer and one Soldier.  Last year’s competition, in the NCO category was so close that the winner was chosen by whoever won the combatives tournament.  This year it looks to be the same.

SSG Francisco Gutierrez

Check out the photos on Flickr, Videos on Vimeo, and Audio on the Army Reserve site 

To see Video or Photos of your favorite competitor, click their name below:

Antolik      Arcilla     Ashley     Becher     Brunet     Butler     Carroll     Crumbacker     Eisner       Foster     

Harp    Heideman     Hill     Kime        Kovats     Lowe     Ludwig     McBride     Patnode      Peiler      Skelton    

Schultz     Thomas     Thompson     Tran     Zimmerman


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