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Weapons, Weapons and More Weapons

Posted by geraldostlund on September 8, 2009

3721800840_afaf062207M4, M9, M240B, M2 50 Cal, M249, M203, Mark 19…clean them, put them back together, learn the characteristics, zero and qualify. Repeat.

Staff Sgt. Aaron Butler and Spc. Cody Becher under the tuteledge of some of the Army’s best Master Gunners have been working day and night on their weapons skills at Fort Hunter-Liggett, Calif. The pair, and their alternates, have been at the remote post preparing for the Army Best Warrior Competition later this month.

In addition to weapons training, the two have been “hitting the books” and doing a lot of PT (physical training). According to Butler, time has been well spent, and the instructors at Hunter-Liggett have been “superb.”

Check back for more updates from Butler and Becher. The Department of the Army competition starts in less than three weeks!


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