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SGT Thomas Williams

Name: Sgt. Thomas F. Williams

Hometown: Princeton, Texas

Unit: 302nd Military Police Company, Grand Prairie, Texas, military police officer


  • graduated Princetown High School, Princetown, Texas, 1997
  • graduated Missouri Valley College, Marshall, Mo., 2003

Personal: personal banker in Allen, Texas

Military overview:

  • 4 yrs service
  • Served in Iraq on police transition team, teaching Iraqi police officers
  • A member of Wilson’s family has served in every American war
  • “I answered because there was a Call to Duty, plain and simple. I was brought up to appreciate the things this country has afforded me and my freedoms have been fought for. Others fought for me so I will fight for them.”

View photos and videos of SGT Williams on the Army Reserve Flickr Page.


31 Responses to “SGT Thomas Williams”

  1. Ivy Sherrard said


    Show ’em how the MPs Roll Baby!!!

    Much love from Sin City Las Vegas!!

    SSG Ivy “AIRBORNE” Sherrard
    314th/653rd BEST WARRIOR

  2. Brie said


  3. manda said

    sorry someone is using your pics as a dating scam

    • ruth said

      what do you mean by that -because i think i have the person your talking about right now

      • manda said

        Fake profiles being used with Thomases pics.
        All were reported to police.
        One on face book ebven using Thomas’s name and pics.. another was Craig Williams.. said he was in iRAQ. BE CAREFUL .. THESE PEOPLE WANT YOUR MONEY SISTER. we traced at least three!!!

  4. ruth said

    i have him online right now

  5. ruth said

    who are you and do you know the real one

  6. manda said

    just be careful.. ask him to take a pic of himself and send it to you. Not an army pic. Just in normal dress without a uniform to be sure. The other ones said the same as what you are being told.

  7. ruth said

    do you know the real one

  8. manda said

    No.. but have left him messages to let him know that his pic is being used as fake profiles.If you are talking to the real one you will findout sooner or later.. check his pic through Google pics and there is another one being used at the moment so that makes 4 now

  9. ruth said

    he is still up to his tricks

    • manda said

      I feel so sorry for all the women being used in this scam. I hope you are ok.Stay stromg and be aware. you know they only go for the kindhearted women, so you must be special.

      • Liz said

        I guess I’m number 5 as he contacted me on Said his name is Craig James Williams. Widow, One son – age 9 from Carlisle, PA. I thought he was fake when I noticed “cut and pasted” responses, capitals in wrong places and spacing errors.

  10. ruth said

    he is still getting on yahoo and he said he had a daughter and gave me a fake email for her lol im sorry but he has even tried to tell me he isnt fake and tried to setup a new account. one question is were is the real one at

  11. ruth said

    he has been using all the pic on the internet as i found out maybe someone needs to find this man and let him know whats going on before someone else gets hurt

  12. Liz said

    Looks like the fraud is using Staff Sgt Jason Fiedler’s identity, too. Speeddate has closed him. He actally chatted with me today and denied being fake. Said to prove it but couldn’t come on cam nor had an APO address.

  13. Thomas Williams said

    I’m Thomas Williams and I am not on any dating site. Also, don’t call numbers you find for me. Someone called my parents house at after midnight one day. I dont live there. Sorry if anyone his hurt by these moronic thieves.

    • manda said

      I am so glad you are aware of the scam… rotten that it is you they are using. I hope your ok.

    • Dawn said

      Dear Sgt Thomas Williams,
      My name is Dawn and I am really confused because, I thought I was talking to you, while you were in Afganistan, all the way up until today, I was just curious and usually I talk to this man who I thought was you, and I wanted to know everything I could before I thought you were coming home, This man said he was on his way home Friday the 13th and would be home Sunday to come spend the rest of his life with me…Now I am just heartbroken, I dont know what to think right now, I am really confused because, I even have an address to a foriegn country somewhere in Nigeria…This man i fell in love with…I had been talking to him for 2 months…Then I also have a picture that I dont see anywhere…because I asked for a new one, and also all my emails were from Afganistan, and all the messages I recieved on my phone…He said he was coming home to stay and was going to ask me to marry him in person…I was emailing pictures back and forth of houses, that he said we would go look at when he got home and it had to have a pool…

      • Dawn said

        I thought it was you, and I was going to marry a man that I thought was you…

      • Jamie said

        Dawn I hope everything worked out for you after this horrible guy put you through his scam. I don’t understand why someone would pretend to be someone else!

  14. manda said

    still on line as craigwills200@

    • Jamie said

      I know the real Thomas and he is not in US right now ….. Hopefully these fakers are not still running this scam!

  15. Kelvin said

    what a go reward keep it up god bless America

    But old can you show me how drive on land

  16. Denice said

    Salute! from a former USAF Veteran and mother of an Army Vet also.
    I also have been contacted by someone with your pics saying they are someone else. I knew from the beginning they were fake but i wased to talk to them a bit to get the info to help others. This happens so many things!
    Really sad how sick this world can be out there just for money!

    Yes I have been scammed before, after my divorce. Before I was smart enough to know (this was 5 years ago). Now, I try to find those out there that do this and share info. The guy that has contacted me with your pic is at fb as Anthony Baker.

    Best wishes and stay safe! Hoooaaaawww

  17. rosie said

    Update for sgt williams. Scammers are using your pics on an online dating site claiming to be you. Marine Mom hear and I recognized instantly that it was a fake/scam. Have reported it to moderators on the site. Just wanted to let you know your name/image was being used again. Really irks me that theese jerks steal our brave men and women’s identity!!! God bless and watch your 6

  18. Linda said

    I have a question to ask you was your Father a Pilot ? If so I may have memorabilia for you.

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