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Staff Sgt Jason Fiedler

Name: Staff Sgt. Jason R. Fiedler

Hometown: Valparaiso, Ind.

Unit: 310th Expeditionary Sustainment Command (ESC), Indianapolis, Ind., Construction Operations Sgt

Education: College sophomore, Purdue University


  • full-time student
  • enjoys mentoring Soldiers, traveling, camping, mountain biking, and motorcycling
  • single with three children

Military overview:

  • 9 yrs service
  • technical engineer qualified
  • combat engineer qualified
  • deployed to Iraq 2006-2007
  • worked as a survey/design section non-commissioned officer in charge
  • Commandant’s List Battle Staff NCO Course 2008
  • Commandant’s List and Sapper Spirit Award BNCOC 2008
  • inducted into Sergeant Audie Murphy Club 2007
  • company NCO of the Year 2006
  • His long time goal is to obtain a degree in construction engineering, and work for the Army Corps of Engineers

View photos and videos of Staff Sgt. Fiedler on the Army Reserve Flickr Page.


47 Responses to “Staff Sgt Jason Fiedler”

  1. SPC. Eldridge said

    Good Luck SSG. Fiedler, from the 656th TC!!

  2. 310TH ESC G-8 Section said

    GREAT JOB SSG FIEDLER (HOOSIER WARRIOR). Good Luck from the 310th ESC G-8 Section. We are supporting you through this competition.

  3. 310th ESC Force Managment Section said

    SSG Fiedler,
    Keep up the good work!
    Ms. Evans

  4. SSG Medina-Ray said

    Kick Butt, SSG Fiedler!!!

  5. SSG Jason Fiedler said

    Thanks everyone for your support. It was a great competition.

  6. Tina Barbera said

    I think someone is fraudulently using your identity on dating web sites.

  7. no name now said

    I’m currently speaking to a man through a website who calls himself as SGG Jason Fiedler. I need to know if is fake.

    • Tina Barbera said

      I think the person using this Jason’s name is a person from a foreign country, his dialect is horrendous. He (or she) must not know that you can Google someone!

  8. s said

    I think someone is using your online pics and information as a front on a dating website.I would really like to know if it is you or not?

  9. Anon. said

    There is someone using his identity. I have a screen shot of this man from when he tried to web chat with me.

    Here is the link to the photo. Hope this helps.

    • Katie said

      wow.. how amazing that a this pic is nothing like the profile pic of jason fiedler.
      But please also be aware that scammers are alson inclined to “record” a webcam session and use it. When talking to someone on webcam, ask a command such as stand up. look left look right, if they cannot complete this then there is a high probability that it is not them….

  10. AMY said


    • jason fiedler said

      I do not have any profiles on any dating websites. I am sorry to hear someone is using my personal information to meet women. It seems dangerous and I hope noone gets hurt as a result of it.

  11. Tina Barbera said

    I think this person has also assumed many other identities on Match.

  12. Moana said

    Yes this man is up to it again..trying to scam 3500 USD to access leave..sending emails from General Austin.Lloyd with details how to forward the to obtain statelitte phone and an additional cost of 350 USD ..
    It makes me angry that the real S.Sgt Jason Feidler is serving his country and fellow man and this impostor is belittling his Honor ..

  13. jason fiedler said

    Yes. I have heard of this imposter using my picture for a scam operation. Unfortunately there is very little i can do legally. I am looking into ways to fix this situation. Any suggestions would be helpful.

  14. Moana said

    He is also imposing as you on Facebook

  15. Moana said

    what about his email address is there same way of tracking him through that…?? I have his email address if it’s some help

    • jason fiedler said

      An email address may help. I will ask the police again and see what they say

      • Moana said

        thank you for your reply and I advise you contact facebook also as he has your pic as a profile pic and has 1 friend in contact a female …

  16. Johanne Abatayo said

    the fake jason fiedler is on Tagged this time..extra careful people..

  17. anne said

    hi i met him on tagged too last week….using ur pic and he would answer the same as ur details here….he dont want to show his face on cam and says he’s at a mission in Iraq now…. I think he is also the man who fooled my sis back in dec 2010 and took $700 dollars, she believed him and she has send the money as a bond…. i warned her but she didnt believe me then i encountered him too…. I hope this man will be caught…..soon before he victimizes more ladies.

  18. Katie said

    wow… i have just had a message on tagged from Jason Fiedler, and he the email he has given me is:
    … no number yet but if it is +234 it is Nigeria. And in saying that, I must say not all Nigerians are scam scum..
    From my understanding all that can be done is to report his profile. Mr. Fiedler, i would be happy to get as much info that u need from this man. I have dealt with scammers before and managed to turn the table once. Also, I have learnt a number of “tricks” to get them to where I want…lol.
    But this one on tagged must not be that clever as the picture gives to much
    take care everyone.

  19. Louise p said

    I have been contacted by this man posing as Jason just in the last week,I’m do glad I googled him and found out his a fake….thanks

  20. Louise said

    I have been chatting to this guy on yahoo claiming to be Jason if this is the real Jason can you please reply to this message

    • Jason Fiedler said

      here goes a reply

      • Katie said

        this is the link for him on facebook…​jason.fiedler3
        I would have thought that being in the military, you would be able to have his accounts shut down alot easier than people like us?

      • Serena said

        Hello Jason,

        I have had many conversations with someone not sure who it is….
        I have 2 email addresses for this guy if you do need them…
        I’m still talking to him even knowing it’s not you… I haven’t told him i know
        anything about what he is doing… It’s really to bad people have to pretend
        their someone their not… I’m really sorry that it isn’t you though…
        Take care

      • Katie said

        just be careful Serena. He will praise his love continually for you. You could bring up the subject with him of “419” or “yahoo yahoo” and watch him say that they are stupid ppl etc…lol…419 and yahoo yahoo are terms used for Nigerian scammers. I cannot reiterate how careful to be Serena.
        I would like to extend my email to you – Please feel free to email questions or such..

      • Serena said

        Thanks Katie i will be…. I can play his game too…
        I don’t know the real Jason but some how feel this guy needs to
        be stopped… Thanks again…

  21. moana said

    no Katie I have not rung the number but he texted me from it so i knew it was active and he was using it…He tried to get me to pay for his deployment leave swrite a letter to his senior officer and then wanted me to pay for a satelittle phone for him to ring..I told him to get real and then decicided to do my research ..question him on some facts that I knew was false ,,tried to cover himself with bulllshit..Since telling him hes a liar and a thief I haved deleted him from my yahoo and blocked him set my facebook to private setting as he befriend some of my female friends and I let them aware of his shanagins and have deleted him ..

    • Katie said

      his tagged account has been cancelled…Thank God you had the sense to ‘google’/ Too many ppl are hurt by these ppl…i nearly got done but managed to turn it around and had them use all their credit in calling me…i do have friends from Africa and would like to just say, that there are honest ones out there. And to also remind, that it is not just Africans but other races as well.
      For shit and giggles, i am going to txt and see what happens… try and see what site he is creeping into… i hope the real Jason can stop and shut him down..

  22. Liz said

    Looks like the fraud is up to his tricks again using Sgt Thomas Williams’ identity. Speeddate has closed him. He actally chatted with me today and denied being fake. Said to prove it but couldn’t come on cam nor had an APO address.

  23. jason fiedler said

    Ladies, This is the real jason fiedler. Thank you for communicating and spreading the word about this fake. The police have told me there is nothing legally I can do. Which is very disturbing. I fear he may hurt someone and the friends of who he hurts will say she was talking to me last online and I will become a suspect. I have reported him to facebook and several other sites hes been using my identity on. Some have removed him, some havent. Any sites that any of you have seen him using my identity on, let me know and Ill keep reporting him to the webmaster there.

  24. Hi Jason,
    Unfortunately, I’m another one who got “acquainted” with the cheat/imposter. Only in my case he made a very big mistake, he told me “he’s a widower and has only one son, 10 yrs old”. I tried to find him/you on FB and I did this morning, I even wrote a message. Now I don’t know If u get it or he does. I’m sorry to have bothered you. Take care and all the best in 2013 to you and all yours.
    Gabi (from Poland)

  25. Having read this I believed it was extremely informative.
    I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put this short article together.

    I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both
    reading and posting comments. But so what, it
    was still worthwhile!

  26. The imposter is now portraying you on DateHookUp. I just met tonight and he says he is in Afghanistan on a peace keeping mission. Just wanted to let you know. I went on google and am so glad I could let you know. Take care…Lisa in North Carolina

  27. Leanne said

    Dear Jason, please respond as soon as possible. I met hopefully you online and l need to know some things. 1 – did you lose your daughter and mother in 2009 in a plane crash. I really need to know if this is you. Please help me. Canada.

    • Katie said

      hi Leanne, if you read through the comments you will see that the person you are talking too is not the real Jason… Please be careful. Ask to Skype, you will find that they do not have a web cam… Ask for a number… it may start with +234/+233 or +4411 ( which though a English prefix, can still be used elsewhere). Do an IP check from an email that they can send you.. There are many ways to double check. But go with you head… please do not be fooled…

  28. Lola said

    My mother has been scammed by the thief you are talking about ! She sent him 1250€ after he brainwashed her, it is hard to say that weakness and foolish promises surrounded her… Please be careful !

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