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SGT David Rider

Name: Sgt. David W. Rider

Hometown: Strongsville, Ohio

Unit: B Company, 256th Combat Support Hospital, Twinsburg, Ohio; healthcare specialist, practical nurse


  • graduated Strongsville High School, 2003
  • attended Centre College, Danville, Ky., and University of Akron, Akron, Ohio


  • Practical Nurse specializing in the home care of ventilator-dependant patients
  • enjoys running, golf, fishing, hunting, kayaking and camping
  • married; wife also in Army Reserve

Military overview:

  • 6 yrs service
  • deployed to Fort Gordon, Ga. to support Armed Services Blood Program, drawing more than 1,500 units of blood
  • following family legacy of service; three uncles were U.S. Army NCOs, grandmother and grandfather served in the U.S. Coast Guard.
  • “To me, being Army Strong means being the sergeant the Army and my Soldiers need me to be; rising up to meet and overcome challenges in a proud military manner.”

View photos and videos of SGT Rider on the Army Reserve Flickr Page.


28 Responses to “SGT David Rider”

  1. SFC Myer said

    SGT Rider,
    We know you are doing an outstanding job there!!! YOU ROCK!! Do your best!!!
    SFC Myer
    307th Med Grp

    • lisa said

      bullshit he is a scammer trying to get women to fall for him and then asks for money supposable for his granny well he is the worst kind of liar betrayer scammer he uses his granny as a excuse he bmessed with the wrong womens heart

  2. CSM Crespo said

    SGT Rider,
    You need to kick ass!
    CSM Crespo

  3. COL Ronald E. Dziedzicki said

    SGT Rider,

    Best of luck in the competition – your efforts and results to date reflect great credit upon yourself, the NCO Corps and the 256th CSH!

    COL Ronald E. Dziedzicki
    307th Medical Group

  4. Brian Kuruc said

    SGT Rider,
    You know we are all cheering you on. Do your best and represent. 256th CSH and Bravo Company all the way!!!

    CPT Brian Kuruc
    256th CSH Bravo Company Commander

  5. Brian King said

    We are all pulling for you SGT Rider! You make us proud! Best of luck you you!

    SFC King
    256 CSH

  6. Rick Crew said

    We are all very proud of your accomplishments and wish you the best in the upcoming competition.

  7. Afua Boahema said

    Make us proud.

  8. Dad Rider said

    Congratulations on your accomplishments! You are an outstanding son, husband and soldier! You make me proud! God Bless America and all our military that keep us safe and free! Love you, Dad.

  9. Linda Hansen said

    David, your dad and I are following you on the internet. Your achievements are very impressive. We’re here in Ohio cheering you on! Linda

  10. Rick Crew said

    David Rider is a champion for having the guts to compete in this event. I’ve watched all evening “Modern Army Combative” and have nothing but respect for David. I am very proud of you!!!

  11. Rick Crew said

    Well done David. Congratulations!

  12. CSM Crespo said

    SGT Rider,


    I bet that sorry 10 mile road march was nothing compared to the one at Camp Williams.

    I am so proud of you!

    CSM Crespo

  13. 1LT Afua Boahema said


  14. COL Hall-Boyer said

    How fantastic that the medical community is finally recognized through the great achievements of SPC McDowell and SGT Rider! We are all proud of your accomplishments and having the two of you withing ARMEDCOM.

  15. CSM Schoenberger said


  16. David,
    Best wishes, say hi to SSG Adam Sahlberg for me…he will be surprized that I read everyones bio

    Bill Sahlberg

  17. 1SG John Milburn said

    SGT Rider,

    I know that you will represent the 256th CSH well in the DA competition. You have what it takes to go all the way. Keep your head up and stay focused.

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  22. Rhonda said

    You are married david that not nice and you said that u were single not happy

  23. Rhonda said

    Hey darling david hope you get well the doctor told me of the bullet that hit your leg you are separented from your wife these a thousand words were do i begin love is fighting tool its in the hearts as beat as one as we discovered each other feeling and remindes me how much i love you so much and for us one day meet in person is the dream come true to me from your new girlfriend rhonda xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. Terri hammel said

    I would like to know where David Rider is at present as I am getting letters from someone claiming to be him and they are saying he is in afgahistan

  25. rhoda naskeapow said

    I see now that you do have another girlfriend is it really Davey is it really true ? . i like to know who am really dealing here with … also like to know where your located ? you telling me you over in afganitan ?tell me the true ..

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