Army Reserve Command "Best Warriors"

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Staff Sgt Martin Rodriguez

Name: Staff Sgt. Martin J. Rodriguez

Hometown: Pueblo, Colorado

Unit: 1st BN, 104th Regiment, Aurora, Colorado. Rodriguez is a military policeman.


  • graduated John Mall High School,

Pueblo, Colorado, 1994

  • BA degree in Sociology from University of S. Colorado


  • works with adjudicated teens for State of Colorado
  • hobbies include branding cattle
  • single father
  • enjoys snowboarding and rock climbing

Military overview:

  • Deployed to Iraq in 2005 and served as a convoy commander delivering supplies to remote forward operating bases.
  • Joined the military to find new direction in life.
  • “Army Strong to me means having the ability to finish the job despite opposition, hardship or popular opinion.”

View photos and videos of SSG Rodriguez on the Army Reserve Flickr Page.


25 Responses to “Staff Sgt Martin Rodriguez”

  1. lu said

    Best of luck.

  2. Ben Rodriguez said

    I am so proud of you!!!!!

  3. Cheyenne Barela said

    Whhoooo!!! Go Marti! Love You Cousin!

  4. Gabi said

    Good Luck!!!

  5. Penny Jessica & Taylor said

    Good Luck! hope you do your best. Love You

  6. William Schultz said

    You have tremendous inner strength to draw from. I have no doubt you will do very well. Thoughts are with you. Good luck my friend.

  7. SFC Donald Snow said

    It has always been a distinct Honor and Privelage to serve with you Marty. I am very proud of you and I am certain you are going to do awsome. You emmualate excellence in every Mission you are part of. Lead the Way my Brother!!

  8. Leslie Amidei-Bak said

    Good luck Martin!!!

  9. Val Blandford said

    You have been training for a competition like this your whole life! Show the young ones, how it’s done. I’m so pround of you!!!!!

  10. City of Walsenburg-Ladies said


  11. LJ said

    I am very proud of you!! I know you are kicking butt and taking names!!!

  12. mama said

    Marty no Mom could be prouder then this Mom. From all of us back here at home; We love you, we know that you can do this! Stay strong, stay safe! Mama

  13. Rene said

    You are such an inspiration, Marty.

  14. CSM M. Beesley said

    SSG Rodriguez,
    I hope you are healing well from your injury. I was quite impressed with your board appearance. You can be very proud of how well you did with this entire competition. You are still one of the top Soldiers in the United States Army Reserves! You can be proud of that.

    Thanks for your service and as your mother said in her note to you “Stay Safe”

    “Support with Pride”
    US Army Reserve Deployment Support Command

    • Rodriguez Martin James said

      Thank you for your kind words. It was an honor compete with the Army Reserve Command’s best soldiers. I am healing well and i appreciate your concern. Thank you again.

      Martin Rodriguez

  15. Gloria T said

    Marty, Lew and I are proud of you. You have proved what you can do and done it in a honorable way. You can do anything you set your mine to. Best of luck with your future. Glo

  16. Theresa lucido said

    Hi Martin…I think ur busy past few days,hope you write me again

  17. I love everything about this man!!!

  18. In my heart you will always be the best. God bless you and protect you and bring you home safe.

  19. zhanna said

    Martin my name is Zhanna Kuzin ,you newer hear about me but i know to much about you,when you have time ,please write me, i hope hear you soon ,thanks

  20. gabriele gerstbauer said

    Miss you badly my angel

  21. Esmae Mitz said

    I dont know what to say really
    I have been communicating with a man for over a year now and I am very confused
    I met him on fb over a year ago he is using your pics and your rank in the Army we communicate by email now
    the email address is
    and I am wondering is this really you if it is I will be very happy
    I live in Perth Australia

    • gabriele gerstbauer said

      Wow the same here ,i am also confused . Yes for more as a year on fb. Thats right. I dont know what i should do right now. He wrote me with the same email adress. he use all from you. Sometimes call he me too. I am gabi from vienna,austria.

  22. Esmae Mitz said

    Hi Martin
    We havwnt communicated in a while now
    I am wondering what has happened to you
    I miss you very much
    Love from Austealia

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