Army Reserve Command "Best Warriors"

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SSG Christopher Bender

Name: Staff Sgt. Christopher L. Bender

Hometown: Wendell, N.C.

Unit: 70th Division, infantryman and observer/controller/ trainer


  • graduated Davie County High School, Mocksville, N.C., 2005
  • graduated Forsyth Technical Community College, Winston-Salem, N.C., 2005

Personal: enjoys snowboarding, crossfit and traveling

Military overview:

  • 10 ys service
  • deployed to Iraq (2 times) and Afghanistan
  • Ranger and Drill Sergeant qualified
  • every male in family for several generations has served in the military
  • “Serving in the Army has made me grow as a leader and a better civilian to serve my community.”

View photos and videos of SSG Bender on the Army Reserve Flickr Page.


4 Responses to “SSG Christopher Bender”

  1. Robin Gibson-Brown said


    I wanted to let you know you did a great job in the course and pulled out an A. YEHH!!! Hope you do well in the “Best Warrior” Competition.

    Good Luck

  2. Ivy Sherrard said


    I know that you will do wonderful in this competition! Show ’em why RANGERS LEAD THE WAY and AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY!!! ARMY STRONG Baby!!!


    Much love from Sin City Las Vegas!!!

    SSG Ivy “AIRBORNE” Sherrard
    314th/653rd Best Warrior 2010

  3. LTC Mark A. Teachey said

    SSG Bender, I am honored to have had you working in my command at Regional Training Center-West. I know that you will give 110% at this event and other challenges that will present themselves. Stay true to yourself and Strong in the Army Values!! God Speed!!

  4. J. Henderson said

    My brother and always my friend, you have demonstrated what some sgt’s fail to realize and that is what is meant by Be Know Do…a true NCO. As you move forward in your civilian and military career, know in your heart that those 13 stars and breast plate obligates you to continue to show the world what right looks like. I love you brother, however it’s my turn to but with you as a sponsor…i can only say thanks and WOW!!!!

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