Army Reserve Command "Best Warriors"

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SPC Kenneth Miller

Name: Spc. Kenneth L. Miller

Hometown: Midvale, Utah

Unit: 96th Sustainment Brigade, Fort Douglas, Utah, wheeled mechanic


  • graduated Southpoint High School, Sandy, Utah, 2009
  • attending University of Phoenix

Personal: enjoys military history, music and classic cars

Military overview:

  • 1 yr service
  • fourth generation service member; father and great-grandfather served in the Army
  • speaks and translates German
  • youngest competitor

“I answered the Call to Duty to carry on the tradition of serving my country, make a difference and follow in the footsteps of my father and grandfather.”

View the photos and videos of SPC Miller on the Army Reserve Flickr Page.


8 Responses to “SPC Kenneth Miller”

  1. SPC Oliverson said

    Good Luck Miller! I look forward to tracking your competition. From seeing your small amount of time in service and your leadership in the rear det you should be proud of everything you have become and where you are going. HOOAH!!!

  2. SFC Clifford Moreno said

    SPC Miller,
    Know that back here at the 96 SBDE we are cheering you on. Stay focused and Forthright.

    ” Deadeye “

  3. SGM Kreiberg said

    Give ’em Hell!!

    • Oliver Nghiem said

      Is that you SGM Rick? (from 420th TC MC about 1980ish) Los Angeles.
      Remember me… Oliver “Frenchy” look me up “”

  4. SSG Aaron Pitkin said

    Dig deep and never stop Miller. Everyone in the motor pool is cheering you on. Good luck!

  5. Ivy Sherrard said


    You show them how we do it on the West Coast Baby!!! Represent for the 311th/63rd. You may be the youngest competitor but you show them the wisdom and strength that you possess!! Remember YOU are the BEST WARRIOR!!

    Much love from Sin City Las Vegas!!

    SSG Ivy “AIRBORNE” Sherrard
    314th/653rd BEST WARRIOR

  6. PFC K. Anderson said

    You have done so well Miller! You have some tough compitition, but you have already beat out so many! Keep up the hard work, and have fun! You deserve a steak dinner when you get home, and I will make sure that Brent takes you out for one! Be proud of your accomplishments thus far, you are a great insperation to all of us!

  7. SPC Cynthia Good said

    This is it! The final stretch! Bring it home, we all believe in you. Great job SPC Miller!

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