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SPC Gary Olsen-Saville

Name: Spc. Gary G. Olsen-Saville

Hometown: Delta Junction, Alaska

Unit: 1984th U.S. Army Hospital, Fort Wainwright, Alaska, health care specialist


  • graduated Delta High School, 2008
  • attending University of Alaska, Fairbanks, majoring in Biology


  • long-term goal is to attend medical school
  • enjoys hockey, baseball, football, soccer and hunting

Military overview:

  • More than 2 ½  yrs service
  • Health care specialist
  • Father retired from the Army as an NCO; brother served in military
  • “I’ve always admired people that served in the military and I wanted to give back to the country that has given me so much.”

View photos and videos of SPC Olsen-Saville on the Army Reserve Flickr Page.


15 Responses to “SPC Gary Olsen-Saville”

  1. SFC Overstreet said

    Aloha, 1984th USAH DET2 Honolulu, HI wishes SPC Olsen-Saville the best.

  2. SSG OTTO said

    Good Luck SPC Olsen.

  3. SSG Nelson said

    This soldier is among the best. I’m sure he will do exceptionally well. He continues to go above and beyond and it’s truly a pleasure to have worked with him in the past.

    Good luck SPC Olsen-Saville!

  4. CSM Woods said

    SPC Olsen-saville is an outstanding Soldier and I have not doubt he will do extremely well during this competition. I will be praying for you and I am expecting great things.

    Good Luck!!!!!

  5. SFC Owen said

    SPC Olsen-Saville
    I have had the pleasure to work side-by-side with this soldier and he is among the best. 1984th USAH Anchorage is cheering for you.
    Good Luck SPC Olsen-Saville!

  6. Michele Trainor said

    Do us proud, Gary! Thanks to the awesome PAO staff at Ft. McCoy, we are in the know back here in Delta. Best of luck.

  7. MAJ Rodriguez said

    SPC Olsen-Saville
    Hello from all of us in Fairbanks HHD 1984th, 297th EN (-) and 5-1CAV . We are all very pround of you. Best wishes and good luck.

  8. SHERRY L OLSEN said


  9. CH (MAJ) Vince Cepeda said

    SPC Olsen-Saville,

    We are proud of you and know you will represent our community well. God bless you!

  10. SGM Shenep said

    Congratulations to you so far. Recommend you see me once you return in the G3 to help plan next years competition! Take care of those feet.

    Good luck!

    • SPC Olsen-Saville said

      Appreciate it SGM. I am stationed at Ft Wainwright, Alaska but if you would like to get in touch with me just let me know. I would be glad to help plan next years competition.

  11. SPC Carinio said

    I am proud and happy to know that SPC Olsen-Saville is representing 1984th. HOOAH!

  12. CSM Tumacder said

    Greetings from the 3301st Mobilization Support Battalion, Fort Richardson, AK

    On behalf of the Soldiers from this unit, best wishes to you and SGT Stevens. Both of you are the “Pride of the Pacific” and we expect you do well. Godspeed and be safe always.

    CSM Tumacder

    • SPC Olsen-Saville said

      Thank you very much CSM Tumacder. Unfortunately SGT Stevens was unable to attend the competition due to an injury. I learned a lot and I plan on winning the whole thing come next year.

      SPC Olsen-Saville

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