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SPC Joel Hughes

Name: Spc. Joel E. Hughes

Hometown: Pensacola, Fla.

Unit: Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 350th Civil Affairs Command, Pensacola. Hughes is a civil affairs specialist.


  • graduated Booker T. Washington High School, Pensacola, 2006
  • attending Pensacola Junior College


  • member of West Florida ROTC program
  • enjoys physical fitness
  • involved in local church activities

Military overview:

  • 3 yrs service
  • Family heritage of service. Both parents have served; mother serving her 24th year in uniform, father served 12 years. Brother is a warrant officer, four uncles served during Vietnam era, one aunt currently serving in the U.S. Navy, grandfather was a senior NCO.
  • “Army Strong to me means having the willingness and determination to always put forth the effort every time regardless of the task or mission.”

View photos and videos of SPC Hughes on the Army Reserve Flickr Page.


23 Responses to “SPC Joel Hughes”

  1. Liz Crespo said

    Hughes, you got this!! Bring it on home!!!

  2. SFC K. Daniels said

    Hughes…….keep the tempo Fast and Furious

  3. SGM Holman said

    350th CACOM is SPC Hughes-STRONG!

    Carpe’ Diem!

    SGM Holman

  4. G3 350th CACOM said

    SPC Hughes

    Make us proud, even though LTC Tavassoli thought you were a slacker (LOL), prove him wrong once again. Keep up the fantastic work and show them who is the NUMBER ONE WARRIOR

  5. SPC Riley 350th CACOM G2 said

    Never back down. Never Quit. Always push forward!


  6. SSG Zaleski said

    SPC Hughes,

    Keep up your hard work, and show them at USARC what a real Best Warrior is all about! You are making us all proud at the 350th CACOM!

  7. LTC Mom said

    We are already very proud of you….best of the best….that ARMY blood runs deep in your veins!!!!!!! Fuerte Siempre….Tu Familia.

  8. Rose Ann said

    You are doing a good job. No matter how you finish you have already accomplised alot. I am proud of you.

  9. 350 CACOM G6 said

    SPC Hughes, the G6 section want to thank you for representing USACAPOC. We wish you nothing but “VICTORY” as you take on USARC’s finest Soldiers. Good luck and God bless you………….

  10. Ray Ray (Ms Tolbert) said

    I ALWAYs knew you had it in you!! You are an OUTSTANDING soldier! Keep up the EXCELLENT motivation and work. We are all so proud of you!! REPRESENT THE 350TH CACOM!! HOOOOOAAAAH!!!

  11. SGT Pike said

    Hurry up and win this thing, I need a Bean Bag Toss partner who knows how to win!

  12. CPT Vazquez said

    You make as all proud!!!! And dont drop your hands or you’ll get wrapped in a rear naked choke….take care!!!!

  13. 350th CACOM G3 said

    SPC Hughes, We’ve all got your Back!!

    I am a small and precious child, my dad’s been sent to fight.
    The only place I’ll see his face is in my dreams at night.
    He will be gone too many days for my young mind to keep track.
    I may be sad, but I am proud.
    My daddy’s got your back.

    I am a caring mother, my son has gone to war.
    My mind is filled with worries that I have never known before.
    Everyday I try to keep my thoughts from turning black.
    I may be scared, but I am proud.
    My son has got your back.

    I am a strong and loving wife, with a husband soon to go.
    There are times I’m terrified in a way most never know.
    I bite my lip, and force a smile as I watch my husband pack.
    My heart may break, but I am proud.
    My husband’s got your back.

    I am a Soldier, serving proudly… standing tall.
    I fight for freedom, yours and mine, by answering this call.
    I do my job while knowing, the thanks it sometimes lacks.
    Say a prayer that I’ll come home,

  14. LTC Hirsch said

    Finish strong!

  15. MSG Vidrine said

    Good luck SPC Hughes

    Take ’em down in Combatives…

  16. PFC Smith said

    It was a pleasure watching you blast through the competition in Pensecola! The other staff and I were very proud to have been a part of that. Good luck to you, I wish you the best. Stay strong, we are all behind you. 😉

  17. CSM Torres said

    SPC Hughes,

    We believe in you,
    believe in yourself,
    you will not believe the results!!

  18. CW2 Brother said

    Great job Bro! Stay the course and know we are behind you 100%. We’re SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! Knock this thing so you can hurry up and get to jump school so you can jump with the Legion.

  19. COL Arterburn said

    Outstanding! You’ve done an incredible job so far-keep it up and I’m sure you’ll take this thing!

  20. BG Hendrix said

    What a spectacular performance this week! It’s really a privilege to serve with you – looking forward to seeing you and SGT K at the awards dinner tomorrow night!

  21. SGT Moya said

    SPC Hughes, We are all so proud of you! Keep it going, I cant wait to hear the results!

  22. SGT Alvarez (sponsor) said

    Since he doesn’t really have access to internet I’ll pass on your meaningful words to him tonight prior to this last and most important event, Modern Combatives!
    SPC Hughes has done tremendously well up until this point. I know based on his previous show of skill on the mats he will dominate tonight’s competition! Make sure you check out the live broadcast on starting at 1830 CST.

  23. Dad said

    Joel, We’re proud of you…. DRIVE ON!

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