Army Reserve Command "Best Warriors"

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The Field Has Been Set

Posted by timothyhalephoto on July 9, 2010

This year’s Army Reserve Best Warrior candidates come from communities across the United States. They will travel from their hometowns and units from California to New York and 17 states in between.

Their Military Occupational Specialties cover a wide range of jobs. They include:  Career Counselor, Carpenter, Combat Medic, Engineer, Healthcare, Infantry, Illustrator, Journalist, Vehicle Mechanic and Watercraft Operator.

Many of this year’s Warriors also have combat deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq or both.

When they are not wearing the uniform, they are active citizens in their communities providing valuable goods, services and talent to their civilian employers.

“What you have here represents the best 100th of 1 percent of the Army Reserve,” said Lt. Gen. Jack C. Stultz, Chief of the Army Reserve. This year’s 28 Best Warrior candidates are indeed the “Best of the Best” of the 206,000 men and women who comprise America’s Warrior-Citizens.

Best of luck Warriors!

Click here to view this year’s Army Reserve Best Warrior candidates (.pdf)


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