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Could YOU be a Best Warrior?

Posted by paorussell on July 28, 2010

Sgt. Daniel Acree completes the Night/Day Land Navigation event.

Sgt. Daniel Acree completes the Night/Day Land Navigation event.

Reflecting on the knowledge and skill required to compete in an event like this, I figure if I were to train for next year’s Best Warrior competition I might do okay. I could train to max a PT test, or maybe do well on the written essay. But it’s the sum of the knowledge, strength and dexterity required to compete that Best Warriors exemplify, that would (unfortunately) do me in.

Watch the Combatives competition  LIVE from 7:30-10:30 EST at  – click on ‘upcoming live webcasts’

These Warriors are physically fit – marathon runners, martial artists, a triathlete, a four-time college conference pole vaulting champion and an Ultimate Frisbee player. They are also highly educated – among the competitors are a  Russian linguist, an aviation technician, nurse, and a pilot.

 It also doesn’t hurt that many of these elite competitors have seen combat – much of the competition mirrors real-life experiences: Sgt. Fiedler was awarded the Bronze Star; Staff Christopher Bender is Ranger and Drill Sergeant qualified; Spc. Mathew Parks is a combat lifesaver; and Staff Sgt. Eric White, part of a deployed engineer team that found 177 improvised explosive devices, was engaged by the enemy 19 times.

The final thing that distinguishes these Soldiers is their unique status as Citizen-Soldiers. As members of families and communities (video: Sgt. Acree talks about family, friends ) across America,  employment and life experience enhance readiness and allow Reserve Soldiers to develop additional skills that benefit them both in their military and civilian status (video: Sgt. Acree talks about employer, community).

Staff Sgt. Jason Searcy, a military police officer with the 3rd Battle Command Training Group, also works as a civilian police officer and SWAT team member. He believes the discipline and training he developed in the military make him a better police officer. Support from his civilian employer also allows him to be a better Soldier – it proved helpful when he was selected to compete for Best Warrior.

As for me, I think I may sign up for a 5k…you know, start small. I doubt I’ll be ready to compete for Best Warrior, so I’ll plan on being here to cover the events, Soldiers, and the action. It’s what I do best.


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