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One day and 25 Warriors Remain…

Posted by paorussell on July 30, 2010

Sgt. 1st Class Rodriguez negotiates an obstacle during the confidence course

Sgt. 1st Class Rodriguez negotiates an obstacle during the confidence course

Warriors are keeping the medics gainfully employed as minds and bodies are pushed past limits and to the brink of exhaustion. As the competition heats up, mystery events are added to the mix of warrior tasks. Not knowing keeps competitors constantly off guard and forces them to remain flexible.

That was the plan all along. Months went into coordinating the competition – time and resources that will pay dividends well into the future. First Sgt. Blaine Huston said he believes the training they receive here and bring back to their units or on a deployment is potentially life-saving. He says the folks that put this together, each the best at what they do, bring something new and exciting to every year’s competition. He sees the future of the Army in Best Warriors and wants every Soldier to be motivated by their experiences. Sgt. Shiloh Becher, last year’s “Best Warrior” is attending this year’s competition. “I have gained such confidence in the warrior tasks that anyone could call on me to train any Soldier – it’s an invaluable experience,” he confided.

Despite the literally blistering pace, the mood remains positive.  Soldiers encourage eachother and joke around to take their minds off the stress, pain and exhaustion.   Sgt Daniel Acree describes the quality of the training and the competition. 

The remaining Warriors tested their minds, muscles and mettle tonight during the combatives tournament on the mats. The medics were in back in business – one Soldier’s injuries required a trip to the hospital  – as the no-holds barred competition draws to it’s final hours.

We’ll find out tomorrow… who is this year’s Army Reserve “Best Warrior…”


One Response to “One day and 25 Warriors Remain…”

  1. Diana said

    Let’s go Sgt. Kourelis!!! Good luck tonight!!! Congrats to everyone!

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