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Rider, McDowell tackle day one of the Army’s Best Warrior Competition

Posted by timothyhalephoto on October 18, 2010

Timothy L. Hale
Army Reserve Public Affairs

View images from Day 1 Board Appearance

FORT LEE, Va. – Army Reserve Sgt. David Rider and Spc. Joshua McDowell had a good night sleep last night in preparation for this week’s Department of the Army Best Warrior Competition at Fort Lee, Va.

Today’s phase of the competition is an appearance board before a panel of Command Sgts. Majors chaired by Sgt. Major of the Army Kenneth O. Preston.

Sgt. Rider appeared before the board at 11:18 a.m. After approximately 20 mins, he exited the room feeling somewhat relieved.

“Overall the performance was good as far as questions answered,” Rider said. “I hit my normal 70-80 percent questions correct which I feel like I do on just about every board.”

Spc. McDowell’s board appearance is this afternoon at 4:18 p.m. Check back this evening for photos and a wrap-up entry after his board.

EDITOR’s NOTE: Sgt. Rider, the Army Reserve NCO of the Year, is from the 807th MDSC. Spc. Rider, the Army Reserve Soldier of the Year, is from ARMEDCOM.


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