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Rider, McDowell slosh through Day Urban Orienteering at DA Best Warrior

Posted by timothyhalephoto on October 20, 2010

Timothy L. Hale
Army Reserve Public Affairs

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FORT LEE, Va. – Almost as if it was on cue, the skies opened up just as Army Reserve Sgt. David Rider and Spc. Joshua McDowell arrived and the other 22 Army Best Warriors arrived at the PT track on the Ordnance Center and School side of Fort Lee for the start of the Daytime Urban Warfighter Orienteering Course.

But as the old saying in the Army goes, ‘If it ain’t raining, we ain’t training’ goes, both Rider and McDowell donned their ‘battle rattle, grabbed their clipboards, maps, plotters and DAGRS and set off on the roads around the post.

Their goal, find four strategically placed points and return to the start point before their three hour time limit was up.

Later this evening, they will again repeat the process for the Night Urban Orienteering Course.

Let’s hope for a little drier weather.


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