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McDowell ‘Skunks’ Competition, Rider has Top 4 Finish

Posted by timothyhalephoto on October 21, 2010

Timothy L. Hale
Army Reserve Public Affairs

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FORT LEE, Va. – Don’t let the headline fool you – Spc. Joshua McDowell and Sgt. David Rider had fantastic finish times during the Army Best Warrior Competition Night Urban Warfighter Orienteering Course.

The reference to the black and singularly wide white striped mammal is because McDowell encountered what could be considered an early Mystery Task – negotiating around a skunk on the last of his four check points.

But have no fear, McDowell took care of the business at hand while his lane safety walker shared glances with the furry critter keeping it a safe distance away.

McDowell was the first of the 24 Warriors to cross the finish line finding all four points in just over 40 minutes. The next closest junior enlisted Soldier came in around the 1:24 mark on the clock.

His Army Reserve battle buddy, Rider, came in fourth overall with 1:09 showing on the clock and he was the third NCO to cross the line.

The Warriors had 3.5 hours to find four points scattered across the main post.

Tomorrow will be an even longer day as Rider and McDowell will start the day at 0600 hrs with Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills and then will be followed by a series of M4 rifle range qualification events.

(EDITOR’s NOTE: No skunks, Warriors or Lane Safety Walkers were harmed during the course of the event)


5 Responses to “McDowell ‘Skunks’ Competition, Rider has Top 4 Finish”

  1. Rick Crew said

    Well done David! Keep it up.

  2. Sgt. Risner said

    Way to go guys! I’m pulling for y’all!

  3. Aunt Sandy said

    Josh, We are all so proud of you and are praying for you each day. Love you ‘Bunches”. You are and have always been a Winner! Love you.

  4. SSG Mercer said

    Well done. keep Going.

  5. Schmeling said

    Congrats to SPC McDowella nd SGT Rider, keep pushing hard, glad to see both of you are doing so well!!

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