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Rider, McDowell send hot lead downrange

Posted by timothyhalephoto on October 22, 2010

Timothy L. Hale
Army Reserve Public Affairs

View images from M4 Rifle Night Qualification

FORT LEE, Va. – After a day that saw the competition start and end in darkness for Army Reserve Sgt. David Rider and Spc. McDowell, the only have one day left to get through before the 2010 Army Best Warrior competition is over.

Tonight, the pair engaged a number of targets during the M4 Rifle Night Qualification range.

A cool breeze blew towards the Warriors as parachute flares streaked into the dark skies. Artillery simulators flashed at various distances across the landscape often turning night into day with their bright white flash.

Tomorrow, they will complete the competition phase for this year with a Mystery Event. Don’t ask, it’s even a mystery to this writer.


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